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For this project you will be looking at important scientists contributions to the discovery of the atomic model. You will be able to see how each scientist's contributions have led to our current knowledge of the atom. Each group will be responsible for the contributions of one scientist. You will need to use search engines and your textbook to research your scientist and the model they proposed. Listed below is the name of the scientist and who is assigned to each scientist (Yes I'm assigning the groups for this activity). Click on your scientist. It will tell you what to do from there.

John Dalton : Abbie, Rachel H, Sean A
J.J Thomson :
Maslin, Ashley, Wynter
Ernest Rutherford :
Darren, Ciera, Allie, Travis
Neals Bohr :
Bry, Athule, Joey, Jesse
Electron Cloud Model (Louis de Broglie & Erwin Schrodinge) :
Kelsey, Jesse, Rachel S, Aaron