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Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
  • Students complete this hands on learning activity after they learn about Newton's Laws and Forces. The activity is designed to have them apply what they have learned about Newton's Laws and forces in the construction of their balloon powered car. The lesson allows them to use various presentation formats (iMovie, scrapblog, photobooth; powerpoint, etc) of their choosing. This gives them a creative outlet to present their projects. Projects are posted on their own personal wikipage within this class page.

Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments
  • This project has them utilize a digital presentation mode by using either powerpoint, Web 2.0 tool such as scrapblog or recording media like iMovie. Students post information on how they designed their car and the principles behind Newton's Laws and forces as they pertain to the development of their car. Students must then also be able to post their project using wikispaces.

Model Digital-Age Work and Learning
  • Teacher explains and models how to create and edit a wikipage. Teacher learns with students how to use the different digital presentation modes.

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership
  • I had to learn how to use the various types of Web 2.0 tools and media devices in order to show students how to create their projects. Thus, I was modeling that I was a life long learner also.


Creativity and Innovation
  • Students design a balloon powered car using only an index card, drinking straws, skewers, bottle caps, and a balloon. Students must attempt to design the car so that it can go at least five meters. Bonus is awarded to teams that can get it to go the farthest distance or the fastest to five meters. Students will explain to classmates how they designed their car, why they designed it the way they did and will show their car in movement

Communication and Collaboration
  • Students post their project on the wikipage so that classmates and classmates in other periods can view the project. Students are required to post feedback and comments on the discussion board of the wikipages for fellow classmates.

Research and Information Fluency
  • Students were allowed to use the internet to research for the design of their car and in their presentation.

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Students must apply what they learned about Newton's Laws of Motion and forces and apply them into the design and construction of their car in order to get it to go five meters. They must be able to recognize flaws in their design and decide the best ways to correct them.

Digital Citizenship
  • Students practice proper use of technology and follow the rules for posting on the wikipage.

Technology Operations and Concepts
  • Students have to use various technological devices and then combine them into one project and presentation.


Students were engaged throughout the project. After giving them a few clues in how to design the project, they were able to build their cars and try them out. The lesson allows them to see and better understand Newton's Laws and the principles of forces. Students have to use and understand these principles when the design and modify their cars. You can hear them discussing them with their teammates while they are designing their car. The competition for longest distance and fastest to five meters that is held at the completion of the project continues to keep them motivated. I was hoping they would have put more effort into the critiques of their classmates projects when they posted it on the discussion tab of their page. I might have to modify the requirements for this or maybe grade their critiques.

This year they did not have to present their project until they were completely done. Next year I may have them document or video their trials so they can explain to their classmates their thought processes.

Previously each team just created their cars, reflected upon their own project, it was graded by me, and then we did the competition. By doing the digital presentations they were able to see and learn from other groups without having to sit through whole class presentations.