Ernest Rutherford

Year Model was Proposed: 1911

Nickname for this model: Planetary model

Description of Model:

Tested Thomson's hypothesis by devising his "gold foil" experiment. He reasoned that if Thomson's model was correct then the mass of the atom was spread out throughout the atom Rutherford's atom has a whole bunch of positive charges in the middle then has negitive charges orbiting around it

Atomic structure/structures discovered by this model:
had the new features of a relatively high central charge concentrated into a very small volume in comparison to the rest of the atom and containing the bulk of the atomic mass (the nucleus of the atom).

Picture or diagram of Model (Bonus include a video or link to a video):


How did this model build on the previous model? he came up with the whole idea that negitive electrons where orbiting the nucleus when before the electrons where just out there. He also came up with the idea that the nucleus was positive.

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